We have been on plant nurseries market since 1990. We are a member of The Polish Association of Forest Nurseries.

Previously, our nursery of forest and alley trees in Budzyń had another name - «Greenservice». But we have noticed that in Poland there are a lot of companies with the same name, and their business has nothing to do with plant nurseries. That's why we decided to change the name to «ABC Las».

The new name «ABC Las» is shorter than the previous one, more capacious and fully reflects the subject of our business which includes growing and selling forest and alley trees and shrubs.

We have clients from Poland as well as other countries of the European Union where our plants are highly appreciated. One of the firm`s distinguished product features is high quality - we pay great attention to it while growing our seedlings.

For more than a quarter of a century we support the highest standards. And it's not just a loud statement. We are the only firm in the industry that gives guarantee for our products. That became possible due to our unique experience and approach.

There will be a 100% adaptation of our seedlings if they are taken care of properly, and our recommendations are being followed.