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ABC Las owned by Maciej Bobowicz for more than a quarter of a century specializes in growing and selling forest trees and shrubs. Our plants are suitable for parks and city streets as well as private gardens. Let your landscape look like a real forest!
Unique choice
In our catalogue you will find the unique combination of plants direct from the forest. We have gathered a rare collection of shrubs and trees that will add the atmosphere of wild nature to the garden, park or street.
Leader in the industry
We have been on plant nurseries market from 1990. We are a member of The Polish Association of Forest Nurseries. We have clients from Poland as well as from other countries of the European Union, where our plants are highly appreciated.
We are confident in the quality of our seedlings. There will be a 100% adaptation of our seedlings if they are taken care of properly, and our recommendations are being followed. It is one of the firm`s distinguished features.


Inspired by Nature and

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